Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For general questions about the Vector robot, you can find helpful answers here from the Vector distributors.

Usage & Security

Do I need a Vector to use this system?

In order for your child to play with their friend, at least one of the children needs a Vector. If you do not have a Vector, but your child has a friend who does own a Vector, then they can still connect and play.

How do I know that my child is only connecting with other children they know?

In order to create a connection between your child and another, you have to share a password with the other person. This password must be shared outside the app, which ensures that you know the individual independently from the app. The password for your robot also changes daily, which provides an extra level of security for you and your child.

Can more than two people connect at the same time?

Though we recognize that this would be a desirable features for some people, the app currently limits connects to be between no more than two people. 

Basic Controls & Setup

How do I set up Vector?

Check out our Setup Guide for detailed instructions on how to get Vector working with our app.

Questions related to the Vector robot (ex. “How do I turn off Vector”, “Why is my Vector not responding to voice commands”, etc.)

Please refer to the Anki support website for questions related to the Vector robot itself.


Why are you doing this?

You can find a more thorough description on our About page, but the short story is that we saw an opportunity to help during these unprecedented times and decided to act upon it.

Is this only for children?

Though we are specifically designing the system for children, it can be used by people of any age. All the security features still apply, requiring both people to know each other outside of the app so that they can share the password to connect.