About the Team


Brian Scassellati
Yale University
Brian Scassellati builds social robots that provide cognitive and social support for education and therapy. He has extensive experience in developing robotics specifically made for children. Some of his prior work has focused on teaching anti-bullying classes through robots and creating emotionally expressive robotics. Brian is the faculty member in charge of the Yale Social Robotics lab.
Marynel Vázquez
Yale University
Marynel Vázquez is focused on creating socially aware robotics. She has studied methods of creating interactive social agents, particularly in group settings. Marynel is in the faculty member in charge of the Yale Interactive Machines Group.


Tim Adamson


Tim is currently a second-year Ph.D. student at Yale doing research in Human-Robot Interaction. His research interests include socially assistive robots, robots in the wild, and human-robot collaboration, among many others. Outside the lab, Tim is active in his local church and can often be found playing board games with friends.

Emmanuel Adeniran

Emmanuel is a first-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science working in the Yale Social Robotics Lab.

Joe Connolly

Class of 2021


Joe is a rising senior in Pierson College who studies computer science and robotics. His research interests are mainly in the field of Human-Robot Interaction and mostly involve studying group social phenomena and prosocial behavior. Outside of academia, interest of his include playing the piano, watching movies, and playing board games and video games

Amanda Hansen

Class of 2020

Amanda is a graduating senior in Davenport College studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Having grown up in Las Vegas, Nevada, she loves hiking in her desert mountains. She also enjoys playing soccer and tinkering with LEDs.

Kaitlynn Pineda

Class of 2021

Kaitlynn is a rising senior in Pauli Murray College studying Electrical Engineering and Computer science. Originally from San Jose, CA, Kaitlynn enjoys playing golf and doing CrossFit in her spare time. As a percussionist in the Yale Precision Marching Band, Kaitlynn enjoys cheering on her fellow bulldogs at football, hockey and basketball games.

Sydney Thompson


Sydney is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Yale University. Her research interests are mainly in the area of social robots, specifically creating emotionally aware and responsive robots.  She is also interested in exploring graph-based deep learning methods.

Nathan Tsoi


I am a computer scientist working on research in machine learning, computer vision and robotics. I am currently a PhD student at Yale University and a member of the Interactive Machines Group under Marynel Vázquez. Previously, I have done research at Stanford University in the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab under Silvio Savarese and have worked on machine learning and data engineering at Sequoia. For fun, I enjoy designing hardware and embedded systems programming.