About the Robots

Vector was originally made by AnkiVector is now owned by Digital Dream LabsIt was originally intended for personal, home use. We decided to use Vector because it is robust enough to handle play with children, yet precise enough to drive through obstacle courses or play hide and seek or tic-tac-toe.

The Vector robot comes with a play cube and a charging station. The play cube contains LEDs and will respond to Vector.

When our app, VectorConnect is inactive, Vector will resume its default behavior. This includes exploring the environment, playing with its cube, and interacting with nearby people. Vector is connected to the internet, and can respond to simple queries, such as “What is the weather like today?”.

Vector can also learn about individual people by mapping their faces. By doing so, it can call upon people by name. We do not use any part of this functionality in our project.

Please refer to our FAQ page answers to questions about the VectorConnect app. For more more questions about Vector, please refer to the Vector website.